Stadium and Arena A/NZ Congress 2018

Enhancing the Fan Experience and Revenue Generation Opportunities through Digital Transformation and Venue Design 

State governments across Australia are investing heavily in new stadium and arena infrastructure in response to growing attendance numbers and to bring existing venues into the digital age. 

The smart stadiums of 2020 and beyond will ensure a heightened fan experience, improved security, and increased revenue generation opportunities as owners and operators embrace advancements in technology to deliver super-connected venues that will take the live experience to the next level.

Stadium and Arena A/NZ Congress 2018 will bring together government, owner/operators, project directors, clubs, sporting codes, architects and venue managers to explore how to:


Improve fan experience through venue design and infrastructure development


Generate revenue by understanding 'stadium economics' and developing new strategies


Modernise venues through digital transformation to increase customer satisfaction


And much more!

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