17 - 19 October, 2018 | ANZ Stadium

Conference Day One : Wednesday 17th October, 2018

7:00 am - 9:00 am Workshop A

9:00 am - 9:30 am Conference Registration and Welcome Coffee

9:30 am - 9:40 am Opening Remarks by IQPC and the Conference Chair

9:40 am - 10:20 am KEYNOTE INTERNATIONAL CASE STUDY: The Success of U.S. Bank Stadium, Minnesota in Delivering on the Promise of the People’s Stadium

Patrick Talty - General Manager, US Bank Stadium Minnesota
As the Best Completed Sport Building at the 2018 World Architecture Festival and host of the Super Bowls, 83% of visitors on their first visit to the US Bank Stadium said they would be back. Further developments and investment expand to downtown Minneapolis with initiatives including projects that will create a new neighborhood that is more walkable and transit friendly. Innovations in stadium design and event delivery make US Bank Stadium the people’s stadium:

  • Installation of giant pivoting glass doors and use of a special ETFE plastic, a first in the US, that opens the field to natural light while providing protection from various weather conditions such as snow and rain
  • Installing 1300 wifi hot spots to ensure fans experience seamless connection
  • Designing an app that guides fans to and through the stadium, delivering information on traffic, parking, concession lines and bathroom occupancy and location specific notifications
  • Roof panels made of three layers of ETFE foil with air supply units that maintain minimum pressure that maximises the feeling of being outdoors while maintaining optimal temperature

Patrick Talty

General Manager
US Bank Stadium Minnesota

10:20 am - 10:50 am First 5 Minutes - What does emergency response preparedness mean in today’s environment?

Gregory Metzger - Regional Manager, First 5 Minutes
Did you know, 69% of Active Threat incidents last for 5 minutes or less – and of those 36% last less than 2 minutes (US Dept. of Justice, Washington D.C.). First 5 Minutes is the industry leader in Emergency Response Preparedness. Our 30+ years of proven industry experience has established us as the recognised knowledge leader in the field of emergency response preparedness and incident management. The lack of knowledge and preparedness in the current threat environment is increasingly being recognised in the community. Gregory Metzger will explore how to enhance your facility’s Emergency Preparedness plan against the current challenges and demands associated with today’s threat environment. Gregory will discuss:
·         How the changes in the risk environment have impacted the focus of AS3745 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities
·         Active Threat Preparedness - Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places From Terrorism - ANZCTC publication as released by PM Turnbull, 20th August 2017. Considerations for Lock Down - Preventative – full/partial; Emergency; Escape Hide Tell.
·         Bomb Threat Management - How to respond; White Level Searches; Evacuation considerations

Gregory Metzger

Regional Manager
First 5 Minutes

10:50 am - 11:20 am Speed Networking Session

An effective structured interactive session designed to help expand your network through one-to-one focused conversations. Bring your business cards!


Interactive Discussion Groups (IDGs)

This is your chance to make your conference experience truly interactive and collaborative. Each IDG is set in a roundtable format and will be facilitated by an expert practitioner in the space. In two rotations, each IDG will last for 30 minutes, allowing you to pick the two top mind topics you wish to discuss and solve.

Topic One

11:50 am - 12:50 pm Optimising Customer Experience
Nicole Smyth - Membership and Fan Engagement Manager, Sydney Roosters
The drive for people to attend live sport in the last 5 – 10 years has shifted beyond the on-field action, with game days now to be treated as event where the customer experience is paramount.
Food, beverage, transport, ticket prices, game day activations and on field presentation are all crucial components of the strategy for each event day.

  • Understanding customers and fans to enhance the experience and drive all areas of an event
  • All stakeholders contributing to and driving the customer experience
  • Creation of bespoke food and beverage offers, assisting with public transport and parking, customer service staff standards and overall event presentation that reflect the priorities of members and fans

Nicole Smyth

Membership and Fan Engagement Manager
Sydney Roosters

Topic Two

11:50 am - 12:50 pm Future Proofing Stadiums for Esports
Esports is expected to be a $1.3 billion dollar market by 2020 and dedicated esports arenas are starting to pop up especially in America and Asia. In order to remain relevant, traditional sporting stadiums and arenas need to be able to cater to large scale esports tournaments and events

  • Leveraging multiple spaces and multiple competition scales simultaneously
  • Exploring how to cater to consumer habits of esports fans who are young and affluent
  • Esports as a major consideration in all new venue build and ensuring venues are future proof with technological investments

Topic Three

11:50 am - 12:50 pm Security Approach for Planning and Executing Large Scale Events – Then and Now
Drawing on his experience at major events including the Cricket World Cup, the Commonwealth Games and various stadiums and tourist attractions around the country, Steve will explore the challenges facing stadiums in achieving a balance between fan experience and public safety as the threat landscape continues to evolve.

  • What has been the focus previously v what is the focus now
  • Achieving a balance between security and freedom
  • What has worked previously versus what perhaps has not worked

12:50 pm - 1:50 pm NETWORKING LUNCH

1:50 pm - 2:30 pm Optus Stadium: Innovations in Enhancing Fan Experience and Engagement

Mike McKenna - CEO, Optus Stadium, Perth
As the leading modern stadium and winner of the Australian Construction Achievement Award, this multi-purpose venue has been designed to reflect Perth’s unique culture and history, while maintaining a “fan-first” view.

  • Bringing world class sports and entertainment events to Perth
  • Strategies for attracting people outside of event days
  • Opportunities for Perth businesses and local tourism
  • Reflecting on learning’s and opportunities since the official opening earlier this year

Mike McKenna

Optus Stadium, Perth

2:30 pm - 3:10 pm Etihad Stadium: Becoming an Entertainment Precinct and Redevelopments to Improve Links to CBD and Victoria Harbour

Simon Gorr - Head of AFL Infrastructure, AFL
With $225 million invested by the government towards Etihad Stadium, the AFL is preparing for a transformation that will make Etihad Stadium a centre for a wide range of sports, entertainment, technology and community activities, in particular, targeting young families and millennials:

  • Improving connections to the waterfront in the surrounding precinct
  • Improving the stadium to provide a contemporary stadium and customer experience for hirers and fans
  • Providing new products for every price point
  • Providing 7 day a week retail experience that help activate the Docklands Precinct
  • Partnerships with Walt Disney Australia that will see a Marvel retail store and “a new era of entertainment”

Simon Gorr

Head of AFL Infrastructure

3:10 pm - 3:50 pm INTERNATIONAL CASE STUDY: Enabling Hong Kong to Host Large Scale International Events with the HK$32 Billion Kai Tak Stadium Project

David Greaves - Chief Financial Officer, Hong Kong Rugby Union
David will explore the perspective of an event organiser, what is needed for a stadium to deliver a world class event with reference to the Rugby Sevens, a multi day event held annually since 1976

  • An update on the Kai Tak stadium project- key factors that will make the facility a success and its implications for Hong Kong
  • Exploring strategies to reduce the environmental impact of events and make stadium events more environmentally friendly

David Greaves

Chief Financial Officer
Hong Kong Rugby Union


Victoria has a network of internationally recognized world’s best sporting venues. Andrew and Luke will provide a strategic insight into the Victorian Government’s approach to its sporting facilities planning development and management, why it invests in these facilities and the critical role it plays in delivering a sustainable sporting system.

As Victoria’s population continues to grow with Melbourne project to be Australia’s most populous city by 2030 this presentation will give an insight as to the Victorian Government’s investment strategies. The presentation will discuss and provide detail on a number of Victoria’s recent investments and provide details as to why Victoria is adopting both a regional and metropolitan response as a fundamental platform to deliver on its strategic objectives.

  • The importance of overarching management structures of the sporting Trusts to deliver government objectives as demonstrated by the Kardinia Park Stage 4 red evelopment ($89 billion) and the Melbourne Park Redevelopment ($972 million)
  • Establish the role of stadiums and state facilities in supporting a sustainable sporting system across regional and metropolitan communities
  • Benefits that can be derived from state facilities and Victoria’s perspective on strategic sporting infrastructure provision

Andrew Butterfield

Acting Assistant Director State Facilities, Major Projects Group
Sport and Recreation Victoria


Luke Mason

Group Manager, State Facilities & Major Projects
Sport and Recreation Victoria (DHHS)

Modern stadiums and arenas have the potential and opportunity to broaden their horizons and serve a much more multifunctional purpose than they had previously. Multifunctionality is a major aspect that could increase profitability. Hear from experts from across different sports, festivals, concerts, esports, and university events, function rooms, corporate groups, gyms, medical facilities, public health facilities, promotional events, business meetings. What layouts and designs need to be implemented in order to increase flexibility and versatility of stadiums and arenas?

Panel Members:

Dominic Remond

Gfinity Esports Australia


Mike McKenna

Optus Stadium, Perth


Damian Bush

Senior Director, Venues and Event Management
Singapore Sports Hub


Simon Gorr

Head of AFL Infrastructure


Alastair Richardson

COX Architecture