17 - 19 October, 2018 | ANZ Stadium

Gregory Metzger

Regional Manager
First 5 Minutes

10:20 AM First 5 Minutes - What does emergency response preparedness mean in today’s environment?

Did you know, 69% of Active Threat incidents last for 5 minutes or less – and of those 36% last less than 2 minutes (US Dept. of Justice, Washington D.C.). First 5 Minutes is the industry leader in Emergency Response Preparedness. Our 30+ years of proven industry experience has established us as the recognised knowledge leader in the field of emergency response preparedness and incident management. The lack of knowledge and preparedness in the current threat environment is increasingly being recognised in the community. Gregory Metzger will explore how to enhance your facility’s Emergency Preparedness plan against the current challenges and demands associated with today’s threat environment. Gregory will discuss:
·         How the changes in the risk environment have impacted the focus of AS3745 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities
·         Active Threat Preparedness - Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places From Terrorism - ANZCTC publication as released by PM Turnbull, 20th August 2017. Considerations for Lock Down - Preventative – full/partial; Emergency; Escape Hide Tell.
·         Bomb Threat Management - How to respond; White Level Searches; Evacuation considerations

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