17 - 19 October, 2018 | Olympic Park, Sydney
Speaker Information:

Steve Humfrey

Principal Project Manager
Perth Stadium

5:30 PM Enhance Customer Experience through Venue Design

The Door-to-Door experience is one of the most important components in guaranteeing repeat attendance. Traditionally, venues focused mostly on the delivery of the main event, however in recent years there has been greater demand for convenience and a unique experience. This workshop will outline the importance of venue design and digital innovations such as:

  • Transportation, catering and digital innovations
  • Developing venue infrastructure with future technology in mind
  • Designing a stadium that is a true multipurpose arena

11:50 AM Venue Design

Creating a venue with effective transportation, catering and layout to help improve the door-to-door experience

11:30 AM Case Study: Perth Stadium – The Importance Of Fan Experience In Modern Stadiums

Perth Stadium upon its expected completion in early 2018 and will be the 3rd largest stadium in Australia, with a capacity of 60,000. This multi-purpose venue has been designed to reflect Perth’s unique culture and history, while maintaining a “fan-first” view. They have provided Initiatives such as flexible seating for individuals with special requirements, new changing place toilets. This session will address:

  • Engaging with Individuals Requiring Universal Access (IRUA) to provide input into the design development process
  • Future proofing and keeping up with rapid technology changes
  • Designing a stadium to accommodate for more than just sporting events

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